IIT Madras Bioincubator

Early and Translational Accelerator

S.No Name of Incubatee Nature of work Status Website
1 Fibsol Life Technologies Biofertilizers Resident View
2 Yaathum Biotech Diagnostic assay for TB Resident View
3 MGH Labs Mosquito-trapping-and-killing device Resident View
4 Theevanam Neutraceuts & Additives Feed Additive Resident View
5 Medha Innovation & Development Bio-informatics Resident View
6 Cisgen Biotech Discoveries Animal Health products Resident View
7 Quest Compbio Computational Biology Resident View
8 Troph Bio Diagnostic kit for pre-eclampsia Resident
9 Purius Nanosystems Diagnostic device Graduated View
10 Vital Bioscientific Solutions Biomaterial for drug development assays Virtual View
11 Ariken Labs Diagnostic device Virtual View
12 Kriyaneuro Device for Parkinson's disease Virtual View
Fibsol Life Technologies - Biofertilizers

FIB-SOL Life Technologies offers ultra-light weight, biodegradable and water-soluble nanofiber carriers for biofertilizers. The fertilizer carrying membrane (FCM) as it is named is 1000 times less bulky than conventional biofertilizers. Since it is a nanofiber membrane it can host around 10000 million bacterial cells/g, which is 1000 times higher than conventional biofertilizer carriers. The carrier material used is water soluble and can be easily applied on the field through conventional or modern irrigation portals. It leaves no undesirable residue on the soil and hence 100% organic. The process of making the fibers protects the bacteria from adverse environmental conditions thus improving its shelf life. Biofertilizers provided on stable carriers reduces the usage of chemical fertilizers. In a way, it promotes eco-friendly way of farming and reduces the fiscal burden on farmers.

Yaathum Biotech Private Limited

Yaathum Biotech is a molecular biotech company with an aim to indigenously develop affordable diagnostics for rapid and near patient testing of emerging infectious diseases like DR-TB, Ebola, Swine flu, Dengue, Leptospirosis, Malaria, HIV and screening /diagnostic/ prognostic testing of chronic diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Thalassemia based on advanced biomedical technologies. We are developing a semi-automated, rapid and affordable multiplex qPCR diagnostic test which can detect TB and full range of drug resistance in TB i.e., determine TB patient’s response to both first line and second line anti-TB drugs. Our point of care diagnostic assay compared to the current commercially available tests is more affordable - one third present cost, rapid, specific, sensitive, detect full range of resistance and can be used at the microscopy-centre level of the health-care system where no cold chain facilities or power supply or technical expertise is available. The assay also provides a platform to incorporate any newly identified mutations in future. Our test does not require any bio-safety facility and ensure non degradation of samples in cold chain free transport. Our assay will be automated having simple sample preparation procedure and minimal operational requirements. Initial Validation is done by NIRT, an ICMR institute. Currently we are working towards large scale validation in multiple sites.

MGH Labs -  Mosquito-trapping-and-killing device

MGH Labs is a brain child of three seasoned professionals with global exposure in Products Development, Plastics & Chemicals, led by IIT Alumni member. R&D is at the heart of fulfilling MGH’s purpose as we work to translate advanced science and technologies into products that matter most to our society’s well-being. The pursuit of innovation is basic to MGH Labs culture. Innovation guides our strategy, defines our purpose, and governs our products creation. Healthy people in society are vital to all of us, and creating sustainable solutions to the most pressing health care challenges of our world cannot wait. That's why we at MGH Labs are committed to applying science and technologies to improve the health and well-being of our society members at every stage of life. We have started with Bogorchid as our first landmark product that has the potential to challenge some of the most feared diseases of our time like Dengue, Zika etc. We are building an organization which is keenly working on products which will address the problems of our time & age.

Theevanam Additives & Nutraceuts Pvt. Ltd.

Theevanam Additives & Nutraceuts Pvt. Ltd.is start-up, incorporated onSeptember 2016 with a commitment for excellence in bringing out quality products and innovative formulations in food and feed additives sector. It is promoted by faculty and scholar of IIT Madras and people with several years of research experience in microbiology, fermentation technology, downstream processing, nanotechnology, polymer science and food and feed nutritional biomolecules. We are working on the development of the novel formulation of natural polysaccharide immunity booster for booming Shrimp aqua industry of India. The formulations are aimed for efficient absorption and higher potency by controlling the particle size and preventing the aggregation in the biological fluids. The introduced formulation is going to be standardized for dosage amount and frequency through statically designed lab trials as well as field trials. The formulation is expected to efficiently eliminate major infections and stress/morbidity usually encountered in shrimp cultivation at hatcheries as well as open ponds/farms and thereby the formulation will improve the overall productivity.

Medha Innovation & Development

Medha Innovation and Development Private Limited was founded by Amogh Bhatnagar and Anidhya Bhatnagar in year 2015. It is a technology startup developing innovative software solutionsby blending their novel algorithms and concepts with emerging technologies in the field of Bioinformatics, Next Generation Sequence Analysis, 16s Diagnostics.
Company have expertise in Artificial Intelligence,Big DataTechnology, Hadoop, Blockchain, Perl, Python, Data Analytics, R Programming, MEAN, Android, Java 8, and Cloud Technology like Google Cloud and AWS. Medha Innovation and Development Pvt. Ltd got Incubation at IIT Madras Bio-Incubator in 2017 for their product “BigOmics Suite”. It is a unique cloud based sequence analysis solution that has been built using Big Data Technology and the novel Algorithms developed by Medha Innovation and Development Pvt. Ltd. that resolve current problemsin sequence alignment.
It generates uniform and universal Phylogenetic tree, rRNA secondary structure and provide better bacterial identification. Their algorithm minimized the bootstrapping and iterative running of experiments as compared to currently available solutions in the Market.
We offercomparative analysis solutions in bioinformatics withour innovative product and the traditional approaches.
Customized solutionswillbe also provided for working in lab as perthe different biological requirements.

CisGEN Biotech Discoveries Private Limited

CisGEN Biotech Discoveries Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated through the research outcomes of BIRAC BIG grant. The current focus of CisGENis to find novel diagnostics, therapeutics, and biological in health issues. CisGEN had so for developed five products and filled two patents. One more patent is in the draft stage. Most of the products of CisGEN are unique and naïve in market and there is no competitive product in the market.

Quest Compbio- drug discovery

Quest Compbio Pvt. Ltd. is an entity specializing and offering services in computational biology primarily for early-stage drug discovery efforts. The entity weaves together expertise in structure-based drug design, fragmentbased lead discovery (FBLD), and G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) biology, which is bound together using an array of specialized computational methods and pipelines developed over the last few years during the founders time in academia. A small, efficient team will carry out tasks in the spirit of the close scientific collaborations with the principal client, CRO’s, academic groups and specialty companies.

Troph Bio

Troph Bio is developing a point-of-care diagnostic kit for pre-eclampsia based on biomarkers. This test will be rapid and cheaper than the existing products.

Purius Nanosystems - Diagnostic device (Product)

Our business venture aims to develop and commercialize Point-Of-Care Testing (POCT) devices for molecular diagnostics. We have invented a low-cost and simple semiconductor based real-time nucleic acid amplification detection device. We are employing the pH sensing biosensor in place of the currently used fluorescence based Real-time PCR systems which are very expensive and need special technical expertise to work with. This can indicate the presence/absence of pathogens; determine concentration of pathogens or gene of interest and specific states of pathological conditions of the body.Our primary focus will be in developing and commercializing a POCT device with the ability of performing single tests and panel tests (around ten to twenty tests). Single tests like Tuberculosis bacilli (TB) or multidrug resistant TB, Malaria, Hepatitis B Virus (HBV), etc. can be done using single test chips. Multi-test panel chips can be used for applications like testing ‘donated blood’ for different pathogens like HIV, Hepatitis B Virus, etc. wherein the biosensor chip will contain multiple sensors and can take a single input sample for conveniently testing for presence of required pathogens in one run.

Vital Bioscientific Solutions -  Biomaterial for drug development assays (Product)

Vital Bioscientific Solutions is a private limited company registered under Companies Act 2013. It is a spin off by research scholars from Departement of Biotechnology , IIT Madras and is presently incubated at the IIT Madras Incubation Cell. Drug discovery is a multi-step process, which is broadly divided into the initial discovery phase, followed by a validation phase, spanning decades of research and development prior to a successful market launch of a drug.An average $802 million is spent on every newly launched drug and the major determinants of this elevated cost are the high attrition rate of a large pool of candidate molecules in the discovery phase and the R&D involved in short listing then for the validation phase. Despite the efficacy of a candidate molecule, its ADMET properties (Absorption-Distribution-Metabolism-Excretion-Toxicity) determine its fate. Hence the interest of major players is in developing economically viable strategy for screening the new and existing candidate molecules for favorable ADMET properties. Current focus of the company is to develop novel products and services for efficient screening of NCEs and drugs in pre-clinical studies.

Ariken Labs - (Virtual incubation)

First-ever-product to isolate rare cells in single-cell format – significant impact on Diagnosis and prognosis of cancers, Prenatal diagnosis, Stem cell research, Diagnosis of viral infections, Fundamental studies on cell biology