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Madhumita S

Committee Member


Contact Details

Office: IIT-Madras
Tel: +91 9940189829
Email: madhubio717@gmail.com

Biotechnologist with Flair for Life Sciences - Aspiring for a career in Academics and Research. Seeking to Contribute in Student Development through emphasis / enablement of Fundamental Grasp of Concepts, and Appetite for Research – Proactive Researcher looking to acquire deeper insights in diverse facets of the field with a goal to discover / deliver breakthrough solutions relating to Life and Environment. Team Player with leadership Attributes – Excellent Communication and Presentation Skills.

Research Experience
  •   Sept 2017 - Current IIT-Madras
  •   Jan 2017 - June 2017 University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA June 2017 Visiting Student & Research Intern Analysing the role of IFN-γ in the treatment of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection in in-vitro models
  •   June 2016 - Dec 2016 Sastra University School of Biotechnology, Thanjavur, India Dec 2016 Postgraduate Student & Project Member Evaluating the mitochondrial aspects of the role of sodium thiosulphate in cardio protection in I/R rat heart, Guide: Dr. Gino Kurian
  •   July 2015 - Oct 2015 Isolation of Indole Acetic Acid and Alginate from Azotobacter sp. And Optimization of Growth Parameters, Guide: Dr. Devendran Obtained pure culture of Azotobacter from soil source
  •   Jan 2014 - Apr 2014 Sri Ventkateshwara College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India Graduate Student & Project Member Cytotoxicity of Hypoxic mimic, Desferrioxamine, on the proliferation of Murine Mesenchymal Stem Cells , Guide: Dr Nalinkanth V Ghone
  •   Dec 2014 Lister Diagnostic Laboratory, Chennai, India Trainee
  •   June 2014 - July 2014 Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India July 2014 Research Intern Prospective eco-friendly cutting fluid emulsions, Guide: Dr. Satish Kailas
  •   Jun 2013 Bioklone Biotech Pvt. Ltd. , Chennai, India Trainee