IIT Madras Bioincubator

Early and Translational Accelerator

Dr. Priya Elamvazhuthi,

Senior Project Officer

PhD in Industrial Microbiology-Biomass and Bioenergy

M.Phil in Microbiology

M.Sc in Industrial Microbiology

Educational Qualifications

  •  PhD in Industrial Microbiology-Biomass and Bioenergy at University of Madras, Chennai
  •  M.Phil in Microbiology at PRIST University , Thanjavur.
  •  M.Sc in Industrial Microbiology at University of Madras , Chennai.

Current Work as a Senior Project Officer

  •  To manage the IITM Bioincubator facility which is in IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai.
  •  To Pre-Screen the start up-potential applicant before organizing the Screening committee
  •  To guide the project students-B.Tech/M.Sc students from different colleges.
  •  To provide the equipment facilities for the startup companies (purchasing the equipment) and Technical help for the start up companies
  •  To organize the workshop, conference and training program.
  •  To conduct technical mentoring session for the startup
  •  To network with the other incubators/TBI /UIC
Research Experience
  •  “Isolation, Identification and Development of methanogens for In-situ generation of methane from oil-reservoirs” as Research Associate for ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd) Project at Shri Murugappa Chettiar Research Center, Chennai (2008-2010).
  •  Received a scholarship from funds of German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) authorized to RWTH Aachen University through the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The scholarship is awarded within the framework of the project “Indo German Centre for Sustainability (IGCS) at IIT Madras, India for the participation in the IGCS –summer school 2012 at Technical Universitat Berlin (TU Berlin) in Berlin, Germany.
  •  Got selected in Top 100 list for the award of India innovates 2013 which was conducted by FICCI, IC2, DBT in the topic “Biohydrogen from industrial waste”.
  •  Efficient two identified bacterial isolates have been deposited to MTCC Chandigarh, under Budapest Treat along with ONGC and MCRC on March 2013.
  •  Priya Elamvazhuthi and Malarvanan Subramanian. “Antagonistic activity of actinomycetes from Jeypore paddy soils against selective phyto pathogenic fungi Journal of Modern Biotechnology”. 2013; Vol.no.2 no.3 pp 66-72.
  •  Sugumaran Pachaiyappan, Priya Elamvazhuthi , Manoharan Mhamodharan , Seshadri Sundaram . “Biogas production from water hyacinth blended with cow dung” Indian Journal of Energy. 2014; Vol no.3(1) 134-139.

Kathirvelu Priyadarshan, Elamvazhuthi Priya and Venkateswara Sarma. “Studies on xylanase producing fungi and its application in biopulping and biobleaching” in Journal of Basic Microbiology (In communication).

Teaching Experience
  •  Guided Project students for B.Tech-2 students (IIT Madras), 2 students (Sastra university), M.Sc-3 students (University of Madras, layola Arts and Science, Alagappa University)