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Quest Compbio

Quest Compbio Pvt. Ltd. is an entity specializing and offering services in computational biology primarily for early-stage drug discovery efforts. The entity weaves together expertise in structure-based drug design, fragmentbased lead discovery (FBLD), and G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) biology, which is bound together using an array of specialized computational methods and pipelines developed over the last few years during the founders time in academia. A small, efficient team will carry out tasks in the spirit of the close scientific collaborations with the principal client, CRO’s, academic groups and specialty companies.
The founder, Dr. Anirudh Ranganathan, was primarily focused on utilizing structural information and computational techniques to optimize and extend the FBLD paradigm, especially in the direction of membrane proteins. The company is also very fortunate to have Dr. Sivaramakrishnan, who brings with him several years of pharma know-how and medicinal chemistry expertise, as a key advisor. Their key publications and further information can be found on the website provided below.

Website: https://www.molecularjigsaws.co
Contact: anirudh.ranganathan@molecularjigsaws.co